Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What is the Lundberg Survey? Is Lundberg Survey affiliated with the oil companies or the government?
  • A. Lundberg Survey is an independent market research company offering local and national coverage of fuel prices, fuel taxes, station population studies, and market shares.
  • Q. How can I get a copy of the Lundberg Survey?
  • A. By subscription or separate order. Lundberg data series are published regularly and are available by annual subscription. Also, historical, custom, or one-time studies are available by request. Please click here to see our Products page for further information on data series available from LSI.
  • Q. What's the difference between Lundberg Survey and the Lundberg Letter?
  • A. Lundberg Letter is our twice-monthly newsletter with descriptive text, graphs, and tables, available by subscription, or single copy. Most issues are single-subject. It's more an analyst's journal than a "newsletter." Please click here to jump to our complete, searchable database of published titles of Lundberg Letter. Lundberg Letter is available by email in PDF format, or hard copy
  • Q. May I copy a favorite issue of your newsletter and distribute to all my stores?
  • A. Certainly, but only with permission from the publisher. Lundberg Letter is protected by copyright, as are all Lundberg work products. Often, we will supply bulk copies for your purposes to save you the trouble. Sometimes dissemination fees will apply.
  • Q. What's the difference between Lundberg Survey and other data services?
  • A. Our data result from Primary Research, not secondary rehashes of information from government or other sources. Our information is gathered by ourselves directly, on-site in the field, by telephone and by questionnaire, and is available nowhere else but through us directly. Our statistical methods are superior, and the resulting data reliable. We have 50 years experience in determining the right methods for the right survey. The sole source for much vital oil market information, we have "earned our stripes" during decades of specialization. Lundberg is quoted in the media, in boardrooms, and in court.
  • Q. How much do Lundberg Survey's data series and services cost?
  • A. The price of our data series and services depends very much on the number of users and the range of your data requirements. Our clients have unique sets of requirements and the data we provide is tailored to meet your needs.
  • Q. Where does LSI conduct its surveys?
  • A. In the 50 states plus Washington, D.C.
  • Q. What's the difference between dealer tankwagon, branded and unbranded rack wholesale gasoline prices?
  • A. DTW is branded, delivered; branded and unbranded racks are undelivered. All are ex-tax. For more information on wholesale marketing, please subscribe to our Lundberg Letter.
  • Q. How does LSI obtain the survey data and information?
  • A. By primary research of oil industry sources. Some data are gathered on-site in the field, while others are established by telephone.
  • Q. Does LSI have market share reports for U.S. cities? What's the difference between market shares at the city and state level?
  • A. In the case of cities or counties, share of market must come from the retail level. The data are gathered at each gasoline station in a "census." Lundberg census also includes other vital data such as class of trade, dollar sales (c-stores, other) as well as gasoline and diesel gallonage. Census is conducted within a calendar month and typically updated annually or bi-annually. Please see our Market Profiles page for more information on our field census studies.
    But at the state level, each state and D.C. has updated gasoline market shares each and every month of the year, and reflects state taxable sales (not retail sales). Taxable sales market shares can combine states into your own "region."
  • Q. Do you disclose to others what your subscribers buy, such as in advertising?
  • A. Never. Our commitment to confidentiality and Privacy Policy ensure that a competitor's order, custom surveys, and subscriptions are never discussed or supplied to any other party.
  • Q. What if the gasoline markets I'm interested in are not included in your survey?
  • A. Don't see your top market? Assign Lundberg to cover your selected areas. We are available to do custom studies in any market on demand. Contact us for more details at 805-383-2400 or email to

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